fail|ure «FAYL yuhr», noun.
1. the fact of failing; lack of success; the fact of being unable to do or become what is wanted, expected, or attempted: »

failure in one's work. When disappointment trips you up or failure barks your shin (Grantland Rice).

2. the act or fact of not doing; neglecting: »

Failure to obey orders on a ship is mutiny.

3. the fact of lacking or being absent; being not enough; falling short: »

a failure of crops, failure of supplies.

4. the fact or condition of losing strength; becoming weak; dying away: »

a failure of eyesight.

SYNONYM(S): decline, decay, deterioration.
5. the condition of being unable to pay what one owes; bankruptcy: »

There were many bank failures during the depression.

SYNONYM(S): insolvency.
6. a person or thing that has failed: »

The picnic was a failure because it rained. The teacher announced that there had been only one failure in the final examination.

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